The Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread man is not common in the Malaysian diet. Don't see too many of these in the bakery shops. I am personally not a fan of anything ginger except when used on Ginger Beef Kuey Teow. haha. (I don't eat the ginger by the way, it's just good for the flavour) This Christmas season, a friend requested Jen to bake up a batch for the kids in her music school. Well, this is the product of it. If you would like to see it and what's been coming out of the oven, visit her website at Cookie Couture. Available for orders! 

Great Curry Laksa @ Restaurant Ah Loy

Most of my friends know that I am a connoisseur of curry laksa (the expert in eating kind) So the other day, we went to a Restaurant in OUG which serves a very decent bowl of laksa. I was surprised that I had never heard of the restaurant before, considering I am always hunting out good curry laksa places Anyway, we were there about 11am last Friday and they were just opened for business so everything was fresh and nice. The gravy was the thick kind (which I love!) and I got a generous portion of tau fu pok and chee pei. (which many stalls don't usually give) I ordered a big bowl and it was so good that I ate some more when Jen couldn't finish her portion. Very few stalls past my laksa meter test and I must say that this one does with very good flying colours. This is definitely a stall I would return to. The good thing is that they open until 11pm at night, so if you get a laksa hunger pang at night, you can still enjoy a good bowl there. Here are the details. 

Restaurant Ah Loy
No 11, 13 Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3
Taman Overseas Union
Off Jalan Kelang Lama , Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.073699, 101.672105
Tel: 03-7782 5001 / 013-302 3422
Map : Directions to Restaurant Ah Loy

KL International Motor Show

This post is long overdue. Not sure why I even bother to put it up after such a long time. Perhaps I just couldn't resist the urge to show off to the world that I took a picture of a camaro. Well, no big deal to some but this was the car which turned into bumble bee man. Didn't bring my DSLR so I just used my trusted Nokia handphone camera. It's probably like 0.00002 megapixel haha which was ok lah I guess. It was our first trip to an international motor show. Didn't realize that it was so hugely popular. At RM18 per head during a weekday, I guess somebody must be laughing all the way to the bank seeing the number of visitors they had. Not sure how much one spends on events like these. I must confess that I was not entirely impressed but it's oklah for the experience. ;)

Awana Skyway

All these years it's been in existence and I had never once set foot in it until recently. For the longest time I had assumed it had been put out of commission because's old. So 2 weeks back Jen and I decided to give it a try because our regular Genting skyway was on maintenance. I must confess that I have always thought it was bigger than it actually was. You know like fit in 25-30 people. Nevertheless I was eager to give one of the oldest cable cars in Malaysia a go. (Jen needed some persuasion though. haha) I must say that the ride was rather slow, uneventful and almost "sceneryless." The only interesting part was when we were passing through a halfway station, we were mere inches away from knocking into the wall. Jen almost went beserk. Oh well, now I can at least say I tried it. =)

Blocoli anyone?

From time to time when I see funny signs, I'd like to capture them. This shot was taken at a chinese restaurant nearby my place. I can see why it was spelt this way...I'm sure you do to. The one below is one I captured at a Japanese 5 dollar store. Well, I'm sure we all want to do an accurate work with our mouse. =)

Cookies Craze

As you already know, Jen's into baking and stuff. She was into muffins a while ago and then cupcakes and the  current fad happens to be cookies. She's already spent a small fortune building up her empire of cookie cutters and  other related baking paraphernalia. So perhaps one day she will have this sprawling cookie conglomerate that will span over many continents. haha... well, maybe we conquer cheras first-lah. Anyway the picture you see is one of her first batches. Not too bad I must say. 

Tripod Tangle

Got me a new toy today. Have been wanting to get a tripod for sometime now (so that my trusty Sony won't be so lonely. haha) Happened to be around section 14 today so I decided to pop into Digital Mall to go hunting for one. Most of them looked expensive so I didn't bother to ask.  Stumbled into Avers and found one which I thought wah....not bad huh only RM39. To be sure I asked the sales guy whether it could be used for all cameras. He confidently replied YES. It's all standard one...So I confidently bought it. Right, so when I tried putting my DSLR on it just now, I realised that there was no screw cap at the bottom to fasten my camera. I tried looking for an instruction manual but it was no where to be found. Only then did I realise that hmmm....maybe this is for a point and shoot. I guess it still works just that, it'll probably take me an hour to screw it on. =)

A day of goodbyes

Farewell Emmy
A big thank you to KLIA Ekspres for releasing 1000 tickets for only RM1 per trip. It came just at the right time. What could've cost us a whopping RM140 only came up to RM4 for a round trip to KLIA for 2. Fantastic. Today was the day we said goodbye to a dear friend, Emmy. She may be small sized but she has a huge heart. Well, Jen decided to bake a personalized cookie for her to munch on while on the long flight in to Dublin. Well goodbye Emmy, have a great time there. May your days be filled with many wonderful and pleasant experiences. (of which perhaps some might include the company of a handsome Irish boy perhaps? haha) Take care of yourself and know that He who watches over you neither slumbers nor sleeps...but for you please sleep-lah. You medics can get a little carried away when hitting the books. We all miss you already. God bless.

Laksa Lover

I am reminded of the song which Ron Kenoly sang with Darlene entitled "You Are" (Click on the link to listen) I know I'm bordering sacrilegious to even remotely try to suggest that this song describes my relationship with curry laksa. However, if you have tasted great laksa before, you too would be inspired to pen similar words. I recently had a decent bowl of it at La Manila MidValley. Those of you who know me, know that when it comes to my favourite dish, I have set pretty high standards. For it to be listed here means that it has passed my stringent tastebud test. :) It is not the best I have tasted but I would consider it to be in the top 5 range for me. The laksa stall at O&S still comes up tops for me and the Segambut comes in a close 2nd. So if you've come across some really good ones, do drop me a note. I'd like to go check it out. 

Jun Kee Restaurant

Wow, I just realized that my last 5 posts was about food. This was not intentional I assure you, just that in the last couple of weeks I've had the pleasure of eating at a few decent joints and I thought why not share the love? haha... Well, so this new place (it's not really new actually, just that it is new to me) is located at Taman Midah Cheras and it's called Jun Kee. Now the cool thing about this place is that right now they are having a special promotion until the month of Sept and each dish only cost RM8 - RM12 depending on what you order. Do note that this promotion is only available on the weekdays. I was there about 4 days ago and it had a pretty decent crowd. There were 7 of us and we ordered like 6 dishes including a fish and the bill only came up to RM96. Dishes were really tasty and if you do go, order the kangkung belacan. Not many places do this well, and this is one place that does. Will be going to another new place tomorrow, keep watch for post on it. =)