Awana Skyway

All these years it's been in existence and I had never once set foot in it until recently. For the longest time I had assumed it had been put out of commission because's old. So 2 weeks back Jen and I decided to give it a try because our regular Genting skyway was on maintenance. I must confess that I have always thought it was bigger than it actually was. You know like fit in 25-30 people. Nevertheless I was eager to give one of the oldest cable cars in Malaysia a go. (Jen needed some persuasion though. haha) I must say that the ride was rather slow, uneventful and almost "sceneryless." The only interesting part was when we were passing through a halfway station, we were mere inches away from knocking into the wall. Jen almost went beserk. Oh well, now I can at least say I tried it. =)


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