Tripod Tangle

Got me a new toy today. Have been wanting to get a tripod for sometime now (so that my trusty Sony won't be so lonely. haha) Happened to be around section 14 today so I decided to pop into Digital Mall to go hunting for one. Most of them looked expensive so I didn't bother to ask.  Stumbled into Avers and found one which I thought wah....not bad huh only RM39. To be sure I asked the sales guy whether it could be used for all cameras. He confidently replied YES. It's all standard one...So I confidently bought it. Right, so when I tried putting my DSLR on it just now, I realised that there was no screw cap at the bottom to fasten my camera. I tried looking for an instruction manual but it was no where to be found. Only then did I realise that hmmm....maybe this is for a point and shoot. I guess it still works just that, it'll probably take me an hour to screw it on. =)


Aeric said...

Full-size tripods usually have a quick-release lever that releases a plate that screws on semi-permanently on your camera. Check if your tripod has one.

DayLeeDreamer said...

Hi Aeric,

Yes, it appears that it does have a quick release plate that screws onto my camera. just that I didn't know what it was then. at first I thought it was a screwing mechanism where u work it like those olden days rewinder. haha...I feel like a complete idiot. =)

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