A day of goodbyes

Farewell Emmy
A big thank you to KLIA Ekspres for releasing 1000 tickets for only RM1 per trip. It came just at the right time. What could've cost us a whopping RM140 only came up to RM4 for a round trip to KLIA for 2. Fantastic. Today was the day we said goodbye to a dear friend, Emmy. She may be small sized but she has a huge heart. Well, Jen decided to bake a personalized cookie for her to munch on while on the long flight in to Dublin. Well goodbye Emmy, have a great time there. May your days be filled with many wonderful and pleasant experiences. (of which perhaps some might include the company of a handsome Irish boy perhaps? haha) Take care of yourself and know that He who watches over you neither slumbers nor sleeps...but for you please sleep-lah. You medics can get a little carried away when hitting the books. We all miss you already. God bless.


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