KL International Motor Show

This post is long overdue. Not sure why I even bother to put it up after such a long time. Perhaps I just couldn't resist the urge to show off to the world that I took a picture of a camaro. Well, no big deal to some but this was the car which turned into bumble bee man. Didn't bring my DSLR so I just used my trusted Nokia handphone camera. It's probably like 0.00002 megapixel haha which was ok lah I guess. It was our first trip to an international motor show. Didn't realize that it was so hugely popular. At RM18 per head during a weekday, I guess somebody must be laughing all the way to the bank seeing the number of visitors they had. Not sure how much one spends on events like these. I must confess that I was not entirely impressed but it's oklah for the experience. ;)


daren said...

Wah .. u paid RM18 and u only show us ONE photo?

Kenneth Lum said...

Where are the models????

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