To GO or NOT to go?

Realized that I hadn't blogged in a while. Kinda busy I guess, trying to improve the look of cutiDeals and movie review. PHP and CSS is not easy I tell you. So far I've managed to bluff my way into making some minor tweaks here and there but the more complex stuff is...well complex. On the lookout for some prize  sponsors. So if you know of anyone who might like to give out free hotel stays or movie tickets in exchange for some publicity, do drop me a note. Anyway back to me ramblings. I was driving along the main Kota D'sara road today on my way back from a meeting when I reached a traffic light which had both the red and green light on, I was thinking to myself, which one is it, red or green? Should I go or stop. Well I decided to go cause the car next to me was going. haha...that goes to show that we so influenced by peer pressure. Go with the flow you know. Okok...I know in this instance it made sense to go. You know, there was this story about an experiment done which sort of proved the power of peer pressure. Hmmm...maybe I'll safe that for another time. Need to hit the road!


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