Earned my 1st Dollar through Sponsored Tweets

Hahaha...seriously, I never thought it would happen to me, at least not so soon. I earned my first dollar through Sponsored Tweets. I joined this program sometime in August last year through a referral from John Chow a big time Internet Marketer who resides in Canada. The guy earns like US40k a month through his blog! If you look at my cutiDeals twitter list, I don't exactly have that a fantastic list of followers. In fact I'm sure many of you have a much bigger list. Well, anyway last week I was pleasantly surprised to find a mail from them saying that an advertiser would like me to make a tweet for them for 1 buck. So I did. It's not much I know but it's a good start! haha...so if your twitter account is more than 60 days old, you have at least 50 followers and have made at least 100 updates, you qualify to join. Well, what are you waiting for, Click here : Take me to Sponsored Tweets


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