Tsunami Steamboat

In case you're wondering if that's the name of the steamboat restaurant I went to...No it's not. It's the aftermath of unrestrained hunger.. The hunger of 11 guys and gals to be exact. Kane being solely responsible for at least 80% of it. haha....

It seems apparent that this place is quite popular with the locals. They have like 4-5 different kinds of soups. (one called 'Malat 'which you need to stay away from. yeeesh) The spread is quite ok, with lots to choose from. The highlights are the huge crabs that people go grabbing for once the workers brings them out. Reminds me of the chicken wings at Yuen Steamboat (another favourite)  Oh, they have BBQ lamb too! You should give it a try if you're nearby Sunway. I don't have the address but it's called Big Pot Steamboat....I think...or some kind of pot. 


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