All About Men Live in Genting

I don't believe this is happening. I don't know how it happened or how I got persuaded but yesterday I braved KL's afternoon traffic  and went all the way to Genting One Hub at Wisma Genting to get 2 tickets for the upcoming All About Men concert in Genting which will be held at the Arena of Stars on the 22nd of March 2010. The last time Jen and I were there was for Kenny G's live concert (which incidentally was attended by the Yang diPertuan Agong as well. Cool eh?) We didn't get great seats then so I made sure that I get proper ones this time. Jen was jumping up and down when I first told her about this concert and well as they say...the rest is history. I still don't really know what kind of event this is cause they didn't say. I know Ron sings but the others...what will they do? Perhaps we will get some re-enactments of sorts. Oh well, these TVB guys are pretty creative, I'm sure they'll think of something. Have you seen their game shows? Hilarious! Well if you're interested, I'd suggest you get to Genting One Hub cause the online booking is broken. I believe the PS3 seats (cheapest ones) are still available, but they should be going out fast though... hmmm I should bring a whistle and one of those big pointing hands...and  not to forget fluorescent sticks too. haha =)


Anonymous said...

boss! how was it! i really like the kevin dude in all the tvb dramas!!

DayLeeDreamer said...

yeah...he is good looking huh that kevin guy. haha..err, actually I haven't seen it yet it only comes on May 22nd 2010, so you can go if you want to.. LOL

Anonymous said...

oh haha! cos you typed march instead of may. :P kevin is really good looking, hahaha. everytime i spot him on tv, i'll just automatically sit down and watch whatever drama he's starring in.

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