Biggest Loser Cheras

Due to strong encouragement from friends, I've decided to embark on my own biggest loser programme. After watching them loose like 40-60 Kilos, I have been somewhat inspired. If they can do it, so can I. So I've aptly named mine : Biggest Loser Club Cheras. =) Although I don't need to loose nearly as much as them, nevertheless I need to knock of some Ks to get out  that perfectly chiseled body that's hiding beneath all the extra layers...hahaha what a JOKE. Well, for starters I've come up with my own desktop background to keep me motivated. I've got Dave and Christine yelling at me daily and some weight loss tips at the side. I'm pleased to announce that I began with an hour of cardio, push-ups and crunches yesterday evening. My arms hurt like there's no tomorrow now. =(  I shall keep you guys posted on my progress. Had my first weigh in today. 


Anonymous said...

wow, boss! hahaha. that's a major commitment! no more curry laksa? :( i shall try to keep inspired and prolly start on it soon. :O

but good luckk! :))

DayLeeDreamer said...

thanks Sarah..err no more Curry Laksa? That's too harsh. haha...maybe less. Well all the best on your own programme but I don't think you need it. =)

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