This Is It!

Bet the title caught your attention huh? Just came back from watching Michael Jackson-This Is It movie. What can I say...except that it was simply SPECTACULAR. There marks the passing of a great legend. I think the title of King of Pop is rightfully his. Like Elvis (who incidentally was given the title of King of Rock n Roll) MJ belongs to the ranks of the untouchables. I remember as a young kid growing up I loved watching his music videos. I had never seen dance moves like those before, so young and impressionable as I was I tried to learn some of 'the moves' especially to the song Beat It. I soon figured out why he was Michael Jackson and I was not! Well, if you have not watched it yet. Go watch it. You might not be an MJ fan, it doesn't matter, I think you will enjoy it. His musicians are so good. Watch the fingers of the keyboardist when he plays the brass parts, amazing! There's also this aussie girl guitarist who plays some mean guitar licks man. I think most cinemas are still playing it. So GO WATCH IT!

Like anyone famous, he also has an entire wikipedia page dedicated to him. You can check it out here :


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