Cookie Monster

Jen just finished a batch of Chocolate Chip cookies which she did in no time at all. I always enjoy them cause they're different from the ones outside. The crust seems to be soft and not hard. Barry & Daniel, my tennis kakis got to enjoy some yesterday.

Sorry that my past 2 posts have been on food. Getting sleepy. Will blog more later. Trying to keep a consistency here. =)


Anonymous said...

Hey boss! :) Your food posts and photos are very hunger inducing. Me hungry... Oh and we should get back on the whole badminton routine! I really miss those days.

Btw, I really like the daydream quote and photo edit on top. :) Very nice!

DayLeeDreamer said...

Yes, I do miss those days of badminton at my Kota Damansara condo...but sold already lor =(
Hehe...glad u like my photo and quote. Jen took the opportunity to take the photo when I fell asleep at some family gathering. haha..Waiting for my revenge an the opportune time. Bwa-ha-ha-ha..

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, you sold it! Well I guess we could always play elsewhere, anywhere with a decent court. :) Good days, good memories.

Haha, she's so sneaky! Sleeping at a family gathering? Tsk, tsk. Hahahaha.

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