Dog with a 3 year grudge!

Haha...this is quite funny. I was at a friend's place yesterday and she told me that her dog has this huge grudge on my friend's driver. It all started about 3 years ago when their original dog (not this one) escaped from their house. Despite searching for days, their dog could not be found. Suddenly Grudge (Name and image changed to protect identity!) appeared on some playground nearby the house. At first they did not take it thinking that it probably belonged to someone else. But after 3 weeks Grudge kept appearing at different playgrounds. At last my friend thought, we might as well take him in since I lost mine and no one was claiming him. So the driver went to capture it. Well, it looks like the dog didn't like his tatic (He went to use a lasso of sorts) To cut a long story short, eventually the dog was coerced into giving up his freedom of roaming the parks and came into blissful captivity. People say dogs have a short memory, Well, this one doesn't. It's been 3 years but each time the driver comes close, Grudge goes on a barking frenzy and at times have been close to biting off my friend's driver's leg!  What a dawg!


*this daisy said...

Boss! Hahaha oh man, I didn't know you owned personal blog! I've just read the first page of all your posts and I'm lovin' it la. Your style of writing memang "yat lau". :D All your posts are so honest and funny, I really enjoy reading them.


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