Carrot Cake

I am not usually fond of carrot cakes. I much prefer double, triple, quadruple chocolate cakes. I LOVE CHOCOLATE! But for this I made an exception. Not just because Jen is my wife and I have to say nice things about her baking. As a connoisseur of food I like to think that I have pretty high standards when it comes to the taste of food...kinda picky too. Jen's recent project was quite a gastronomical success, considering that it was her first time baking it.

Needless to say there's none left.

I believe her next project is Blueberry muffins. Wow, let me tell you that those blueberries don't come cheap. One tin costs about RM18 and the higher end supermarkets sell them for about RM24! Anyone wants to sponsor? Oh yeah, she baked some chocolate chip cookies a day ago. Will post them up after this.


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