Kenwood Surprise

Wow. This is the first time I'm having a video instead of an image. Well, it all started yesterday evening after dinner that Jen and I decided to go to Ikano since we were around that area. If you've ever been to that place during the weekend you would know how close to impossible it is to find a car park. Anyway, I managed to find a spot somewhere which was sort of a 'self designated' extension of a parking bay. Well, one has to get creative at times like this. Anyway, it was decided that Jen and I would meet at Harvey Norman. Apparently they were having some sort of sale going on and Jen saw on the sales catalogue (those are dangerous things I tell you) that a particular mixer had like a Rm300 discount which I thought was quite impressive.

She had been complaining about a cheap RM40 hand mixer I had bought her many months ago which at the lowest speed would send her dough flying all over the place, so it was clearly unsuitable. Apparently mixing pastry requires some level of delicateness for it to come out just right. But what do I know? I'm only familiar with the consumption part not the commingling part. What I can tell you is that we walked in with no intention of making any purchase, just wanted to look at the kind of models they had and what the discounted one looked like. Well as you can see from the video that it didn't quite work out as planned. About 5 minutes before the shutters came down, out we came with a trolley carrying a brand new Kenwood Prospero. I won't say how much damage it has caused except that the banks allowed a 12 month interest free installment. So that was probably the only reason why I felt more at ease to go ahead with the purchase. That and with the hope that the machine might potentially help her produce even better stuff. =)


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