Read something cool yesterday. Hope it will be a blessing to someone who might be facing some tough times. 

When life caves in, you do not need reasons, you need comfort. You do not need some answers, you need Someone. Jesus often does not come with an explanation, he comes to us with His presence. We are always seeking the reason. We want to know why. Like Job, we finally want God to just tell us WHAT IS GOING ON? But God does not reveal His plan, he reveals Himself. He comes to us as warmth when we are cold, fellowship when we are alone, strength when we are weak, peace when we are troubled, courage when we are afraid, songs when we are sad and bread when we are hungry. 

He is with us on our journeys. He is there when we are home. He sits with us at our table. He knows about funerals and weddings, commencements and hospitals, jails and unemployment, labor and laughter, rest and tears. He knows because He is with us. He comes to us again and again. - Bob Benson -


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