Lookout Point Seafood

Walking down the road to Jerusalem today...this image  sort of reminds me of a song I sung many years ago at Putra Stadium. Okok. so I'm not exactly walking and neither does this road lead to Jerusalem but if you stay around Cheras, you would undoubtedly have heard of this place before. I've been there like 3 times but till now I am still not sure what it is called. All I know is that this place gets really crowded especially in the weekends, you would find tour buses, luxury cars and you'd have to get there really early or you might just find yourself waiting in line to get a table and mind you, there are lots and lots of tables. All I know is that it's near the Cheras Lookout point and it's on the way to Hulu Langat or something. To get to the restaurant you'd have to look for the puny little signboard which says Fish/Vegi Farm by the roadside and turn in, about 400 meters of tarred and dirt road later you reach a landing where the restaurant is situated. There is a huge fish pond, the buzz of a generator and a humongous load of cars. The food there is quite tasty and fresh cause they breed their own fish and grow their own vegetables. We were there recently to give a farewell to Emmy and Ben. Perhaps if you are around the area you might give it a try? I found a blog post about it, you can get the address from there. Seafood Vegetable Farm Restaurant Cheras


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