Oatmeal Muffins?

Jen decided after dinner that she was going to do some baking. All she said to me was that she was going to bake something. She never told me what it was and I never asked. Roughly 2 hours later she came into the study where I was doing some work and presented me with 2 freshly baked oatmeal, blueberry muffins. Boy, did they look good. OK. I have to confess that I am NOT an oatmeal fan so I would have preferred it minus the oatmeal nevertheless, it was yet another baking success. Looks like I might have to get her that Kitchen Aid Mixer after all. hehe... shucks. My neck still hurts. =(


David Chua said...

Are you both living in KL or Australia? Found your blog! Keep in touch!

DayLeeDreamer said...

hey David. Wow what a pleasant surprise. We are in KL but presently holidaying in Australia

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