An Octogenarian's Day

It was a happy day for Grandma Tang last Sunday. I believe it's not because she turned 80 (Seriously, I don't know anyone who's glad at being older after they reach 30) but more so because all her kids, her inlaws, almost all her grandkids (and the sole grandkid inlaw!) and her 10 month old great-grandkid was there to celebrate the occasion. You should've seen her face beaming from ear to ear when we sang her a birthday song. Priceless. The desires of the elderly I've come to realize are simple : that in their advanced age they would still be able to see and enjoy the company of their family. Seeing their family together and knowing that their kids and the generation after them are doing well is better than a thousand birthday cakes. This is a value our younger generation needs to embrace with a greater intensity.
At 80, Grandma Tang is mentally sharper than a sword. During each visit she would usually get into conversation with me about the good ol' days and even give me  pointers on how to cook! She once recounted a story of how she cycled herself to the hospital to deliver one of her 5 kids. And I remember going "Wow! What is this woman made of??" Well, just glad to have been able to participate in this auspicious occasion. :) 


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