Smokin' Hot Nasi Lemak

I couldn't quite remember when I had this plate of nasi lemak but I was going through my phone trying to clear unwanted images when I stumbled upon this picture. As always, I'm usually too impatient to wait before I sink my teeth into good food, resulting in a not so aesthetically pleasing photograph. Sorry!

But trust me, the nasi lemak here rocks. Even my parents love it coming here. Mind you, it's not cheap but at least they're generous with the servings.  Take a bite off the nice big juicy fried chicken thigh and you'll know what I mean. They also have other stuff like sambal prawns, rendang, etc. Quite a few sides to choose from. It can get quite crowded, so you might want to be early. Go ahead, give it a try this weekend. Village Park Restaurant is at  No.5, Jalan SS21/37,Damansara Utama, PJ. (Oh, they're closed in the evenings by the way) - If you need a map, click here : Map to Village Park Restaurant


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