The Painting On Your Wall

Chances are if you are a parent and if your little child passes you a drawing that he did as a gift to you, you'd most likely keep it for a very long time even though you know it's not exactly the best drawing in the neighbourhood. Why? Because the value is not so much in the gift itself but the person who gave the gift. Just read a really cool story from Rob Bell's book. He said that at the tender age of 5, he once made a Christmas present for his dad out of a piece of black and green drainpipe glued to a flat gray rock with little white stones resting on the inside of it. 30 years later when he went to his dad's office, it was still there resting on one of his shelves. He still had it and had never gotten rid of it. Then came the lightbulb moment for me...he said "How you treat creation reflects how you feel about the creator" When a human being is mistreated, objectified or neglected, when they are treated as less than human, these actions are against God. Because how you treat creation reflects how you feel about the CREATOR. Perhaps some food for thought for us huh?


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