What in the world is this?

OK. So most of you might be wondering by now, what in the world is this? For those of you who are percussionists or drummers, you might recognize what these are... although they're not exactly the conventional type. For the longest time I've been wanting to get a pair of...ok, they are called drum mallets but have been reluctant to cause they are not exactly in the cheap dept. The cheapest set I found costs over RM80 and most are over a hundred ringgit! If you want to do a nice mellow dampened cymbal roll, you've gotta have mallets man, the sticks just won't cut it. Anyway, I was walking around Curve today after dinner and stumbled upon this Japanese shop opposite Beat Box (Yamaha) and it was selling all kinds of strange things like most Jap shops do and at one corner I found these beauties. I thought to myself...hmmm...it just might work, the head is made of rubber, the sticks are pretty sturdy, WHY NOT? So I bought them and it only cost me RM10 !! Was tempted to pop over to Yamaha to have a go but nah... they might kick me out. So for you drummers who want a cheaper alternative, go look there. It's called finger sticks. =)


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