Kapersky blocked my adsense

Kapersky antivirus blocked my google adsense today. OK, it might sound funny to you but if you run a site that sorta depends on google adsense for an income, it's NOT SO FUNNY after all... Yeah so I was doing some updates to cutideals today and suddently when I tried to refresh it to review what I did, up came this small little box at the bottom saying that "page2googlesyndication js blah, blah, blah URL was deemed malicious and was denied" At first I thought it was a joke, google ads malicious? What's going on?? Anyway I did some searches and apparently this happened quite extensively on the 25th of Jan 2010. Why it didn't come up on my pc then baffles me! Needless to say I was a little 'concerned'. Tried doing an update, crossed my fingers and hope it would fix things but it didn't. Anyway, I left it alone as I had other stuff to work on. Well, it's 3pm now and I think the problem is solved. Maybe Kapersky was flooded calls and emails from angry adsense dependent client like me. haha... Don't get me wrong. I really like Kapersky and I think it's a great software compared to the other resource hungry antiviruses. (You know what I'm talking about) Perhaps someone was just having a bad day... Anyway it's solved. I'm happy! =)


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