Bluetooth is TOOTHLESS!

For sometime now I had wanted to get a bluetooth adaptor. My lappie unfortunately doesn't come with a built in one. So a few days ago, while at MidValley I decided to pop into an IT shop to purchase one. There were 3 choices. 2 were RM29.90 and 1 was RM18... For me it was a no brainer. Jen sometimes can't understand why I always choose the cheapest things. To her, cheap means lousy. Till this day we still have debates about my choices and hers. Anyway, I got home and tried to get it installed because I had this funny picture on my phone which I am dying to show you guys. Well, it doesn't take an Einstein to figure out why the picture is not up yet. Needless to say, my bluetooth is toothless! Well, some support guy is going to get a nasty email soon...nah just kidding. Me nasty? Perhaps just a toothless growl. =)


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