One Year Older. Hopefully Wiser

Two days ago I had one extra candle to blow out. I remember when I was much younger, I would get very excited at the fact that I was getting older. In fact, I was constantly hoping that my age would accelerate. I had desperately yearned for freedom. Freedom to drive a car, stay out late, hang out with friends... freedom which I saw my sister having but was sadly evading me. So the day finally came when I could do all those things. Now that I had tasted it, I wish time would decelerate and go backwards. Let me assure you, nearing the 4 decade mark is not fun! Oh, how I long for those carefree years. haha... I am quite sure I am not the only one with such inclinations. We are such fickle minded people I tell you. =)
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all my family and friends who left me  smses and birthday wishes on Facebook (without which many would have probably forgotten. hehe) and not to forget my darling wife who gave me a nice spa treat, dinner at Tony Romas (see pic) and to wrap up the perfect evening, tickets to watch Robin Hood which incidentally was released on that night itself. How splendid! Ah....what more could I ask for? I am truly a blessed man. Indeed I have much to thank God for. 


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