Looking for a nice cheap compact camera

Wow! I've not posted in a month! I must be really really...busy. hehe. Have been thinking about getting a small mini compact camera for my blogging activities. Something small enough for me to slip into my pocket and carry around. Cause you never know when the "konica" moment may arrive. =) The camera on my phone sucks big time. It's might as well be 0.000003 megapixels with the kind of quality I get from it. And my DSLR is too big to lug along. So I thought hmmmm....why not get a compact camera? That way I can still take quality pics and it's small enough to carry around. The only thing is that I don't really want to spend very much $$$ on it, something simple would do. Any suggestions? Some might ask, why not get a good camera phone. Well, I'm open to that but aren't they expensive?


Mich.T said...

why not try to get a canon ixus 100? quite resonable with it's quality =)

DayLeeDreamer said...

hi Mich. A canon ixus? Isn't it expensive? Maybe I'll get a phone with a nice camera that way I won't have to carry 2 things me all the time. Hmmm...maybe an Iphone. haha wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

hey boss! the iphone camera isn't that good, haha. i just got myself an iphone (camera wise, i downgraded from the SE C905 8mp camera) and yeah, SE's camera is good, definitely. but other than that, the iphone is amazing. :) i'm thinking of getting a camera too 'cos the 3.2 mp camera on the iphone... breaks my heart. haha.

gong xi fa cai, btw! :)

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