Mini Blueberry muffins

So Jen decides to try out her new mini muffin pan which she coerced her mom to buy for her (cause her husband would not budge and is already broke from all the other baking purchases she has made thus far) Baking pans which I have come to realize do not come cheap. Today we were at Giant and she played her "I really need this pan" mantra. Well to cut a long story short I am now RM19 bucks poorer. Well, it's sort of an investement really, I tried to console myself. Jen has decided to accept orders from family & friends, and has already sold her first batch of Chocolate brownies to Kenny last week. Coming up next is a batch of 100+ muffins for 2 of her close friends. So if you'd like to order some of her stuff, I guess you could could leave a comment and I'll get in touch with you. Maybe I'll set up a blog for her but can't really think of a good name. Any ideas?


*this daisy said...

Whoa, I didn't know Jen baked! And it all looks so awesome, from the photos you've posted on your blog. (also commented on the Grudge post, btw) I will definitely keep Jen in mind if I need to order any yummy cookies/muffins/cakes! (:

And ya lor, investment ma. She bake you, you eat. Everyone happy! ;)

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